Transportation & Hauling

The transportation of soil and aggregates is an important but taxing job for your construction project. Accessing and removing these materials without the right equipment can dig into your project’s schedule. Ensure you maintain your timelines with the help of Grayson Excavating’s transportation and hauling services. With a commitment to safety and on-time delivery, we will transport your materials to meet the demands of your project.

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Grayson Excavating’s Transportation & Hauling Fleet

  • Tandem tractor service with wet kit
  • 12-wheel end dump services  
  • 12-wheel lowbed services 
  • 8-wheel jeep, 12-wheel lowbed services 
  • Other combos available upon request 

Why Choose Grayson Excavating for Transportation and Hauling?

Timely and Reliable Service

We recognize the importance of timelines in your construction projects. Grayson Excavating's transportation and hauling services are timely and reliable, ensuring your materials are delivered and removed when and where you need them.

Fleet of Specialized Equipment

Our fleet of trucks is equipped to handle soil transportation and aggregate delivery. From dump trucks to lowbeds, our vehicles are maintained for efficiency and safety.

Safety First

Our transportation and hauling operations prioritize the safety of our team, clients, and the community. We adhere to stringent safety protocols to ensure a secure and accident-free logistics process.

Customized Logistics Solutions

Grayson Excavating works closely with clients to develop customized transportation solutions that align with the specific needs of each project. 

Contact us today to discuss how our transportation and hauling solutions can help you get the job done and your construction project can progress.

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