Deep Utility & Earthworks Done Right.

For municipalities and contractors who need sewer wastewater, potable water, and stormwater utilities installed and maintained, Grayson Excavating Ltd offers deep utility and earthwork services that help you complete your projects on time and within budget - the first time.

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Digging Deep to Deliver the Best Excavation Services 

Installing deep utilities is disruptive, expensive, and can impact the success of your municipal or development project. If not completed properly, you could be left with a costly mess you will be left to clean up. Grayson Excavating supports your projects with deep utility, earthworks and excavation services. 

You can benefit from our knowledge in Removal and Replacement work as well as maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs, which will help you in every stage of your project. Our team’s high procedural and safety standards ensure you get the job done right the first time. We also offer 24-hour emergency services; we will respond within 24 hours, not a week.

Grayson Excavating is ready to dig deeper to help you reach your project goals.

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Project Managers
Are Saying...

BAR Engineering Co. ltd. has worked with Grayson Excavating on several projects, both public and private, with excellent end product. We have been very satisfied with their work, and have enjoyed working with both their field and administrative staff.

Grayson Excavating is excellent at communicating issues which arise during the course of a project which allows for a proactive approach to resolving such issues. They are also very responsive to scope change and accommodating in this regard. We look forward to working with Grayson Excavating in the future.
Rick Collins, P.Eng. Bar Engineering

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